Three years passed

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For the first time, I intend to write about what I have been through in past 3 years. I know that I should only write about Linux, open source, or about information technology in general, not about why I stopped from blogging activities. But to start writing about my Linux activities after long time period, it is hard for me to figure out where should I start to write. So might, this can bring my writing skill back to me. I categorized this in ‘Journal’ tag.
The main reason I didn’t write a blog for 3 years was because I was very busy with my job. On December 2009, I got a job, in East Kalimantan, it was a dream come true because years before I wished that I could have a job there. Actually, it was a late job, just because I was unemployment for 2 years. In that unemployment times, I found that blogging and social networking activities were so valuable to fill the idle times I had. Furthermore, I used to spend the night at my brother’s internet shop, so internet became my main activities.
Since having a job again, I found myself very busy, because the job required you to start by 6 AM in the morning untill 6 PM in the noon, 7 days a week and 30 (31) days in a month. For that kind of job, on idle time, you might only use it as a time to break, watching TV, or just chatting with your friends at the camp. There were no word of ‘overnight’ because it would make you very yawning on the next day and it could harm your work. My idle time after work was not for interacting with my Linux laptop as I used to be at home. At the other side, accessing the internet with mobile or fixed line in office was so difficult because we were at remote area. That circumstances made me slowly forgot to blogging, even worst I did not active on Facebook, Twitter and other internet forums anymore. I was totally stopped from the social network on internet.
So, being busy on job, having difficult accessing the internet, the less time I had to interact with my laptop, and loosing the creativity to write, they all made me inactive from blogging in the recent years.
But in life, when you loose something, you will get another as a replacement. That’s what happened to my life in the past 3 years. Maybe I have lost my creativity, but I got a job that was very important to me. At work, I also got new knowledge which I even didn’t acknowledge abefore. I learnt new things, whether they had something to do with my job or not. But what I knew was it would be valuable to me no matter if that was small enough. At work, I did something and iteract with programs that I used to not having much time with it, like JDEdwards. I also learnt database quietly, especially about normalization and of course the SQL, and the programs like MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, all of them might not having my intention before. I learnt about Wireless. I learnt some technique with ImageMagick to help me to get my job done. I learnt to write and use Perl script to convert a flat data from Excel to SQL, with my favourite editor, Vim. I learnt OpenERP, OrangeHRM, Timetrex and other programs which I can’t remember to say it here. I took System Analysist training to add my knwoledge about software development. And also Red Hat training to find out how deep my Linux knowledge was and what I need to learn more if I want to take a linux certification. My learning intention was not only on technology, but also on another thing, like language for example. How bad I wanted to learn the Italian language, or how bad I wanted to take a diving course. At the workplace, I met some people that I admitted as an expert in something, I am friend with a programmer so I know the way a programmer looks to a program he intends to create.
I think now that my explanation above is more than enough to tell about my inactivities on blogging. One thing for sure is that I am not losing my curiosity on something. I am not losing my passion to learn. Perhaps I have lost a motivation to write, but no more than that. All things that I have learnt and am learning now, they are still in my head, I am going to share it here in the blog. I will start it slowly.

New domain, new home, new spirit

Dear audience (if there is still any), after a long time vacuum, a long time this blog ‘disappeared’ ¬†for about 3 years or even more, and here I am again. You may wonder why am I return? Here’s the story.

Yesterday, I discovered incidentally that my old domain “terminaliaku dot co dot cc” has been swapped away from the net. I googled to know why and found that it was because Google¬†banned the domain. As the result, every single domain that ends with is now gone. I don’t know why Google did it, but what I know since last night is that I gotta create new domain for my blog host. An urgency to “survive” my blog data has calling since last night. The migration of my blog contents from the ‘dead’ domain to this new domain is very straight forward I guess, I was lucky to have such help from the hosting provider. As you can see now, looks like nothing ever happened right? I am still doing some updates, clean up some web garbages, backing up the database, etc. I am so glad that finally my blog is online again. I feel so terrible and sorry that I have let it neglected ‘untouched’ for a very long time. I even never had look it for once. What kind of admin I am? So yesterday was a punishment to me.

Regret always comes later. You don’t know what you had in you until they all left you.

And now I hope that as this ‘new home’ is created, I would find that spirit to write again, the it used to be, I suppose to say that I am re-born now. I ‘m looking forward to extend the capacity and make it into a couple more sites, just like a house which has rooms inside it. The main page will be a portfolio page, while this blog and other web apps would fill separate room on its own. I have contacted the hosting provider and waiting their answers for any possibilities.

Using bug report database

When I run dpkg-scanpackages to update my local repository databases, I got this error messages:

Can’t locate IO/ in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.1 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at /usr/bin/dpkg-scanpackages line 23.
BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at /usr/bin/dpkg-scanpackages line 23.

What was that mean? I don’t understand, but I know where to find the information about that, it is bug report.

$ dpkg -S /usr/bin/dpkg-scanpackages
dpkg-dev: /usr/bin/dpkg-scanpackages
$ querybts dpkg-dev
Querying Debian BTS for reports on dpkg-dev…

(1-7/70) What would you like to do next [N|b|m|r|q|f|?]? f
Enter the search pattern (a Perl-compatible regular expression)
or press ENTER to exit: dpkg-scanpackages
Outstanding bugs — Wishlist items; Unclassified (35 bugs): 1 report
1) #308560 [DPKG-SCANPACKAGES] add exclude and include options
Resolved bugs — Normal bugs (8 bugs): 2 reports
2) #494136 dpkg-scanpackages: Does not scan user defined fields from packages that were given in the contro
3) #557013 dpkg-dev: dpkg-scanpackages doesn’t find IO/

I searched for “dpkg-scanpackages” keyword, and there’s one result bug #557013 which looks like the one I’ve experienced with.

From the explanation, it is known that to avoid such error like that, we can install libio-string-perl package. Umm, obviously this package hasn’t installed in my system, but without this package in the past, it was smooth with dpkg-scanpackages, wasn’t it? To me this is indeed a real bug. Thankfully, by reading all the related bug reports and the quick answer from the devs, finally there is one solution to this, that the maintainer urges us to upgrade to the latest dpkg-dev, which is version

OK, let’s check this package’s status:

$ apt-cache policy dpkg-dev
Installed: 1.15.5
Version table: 0
500 unstable/main Packages 0
500 unstable/main Packages
*** 1.15.5 0
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Yes, it seems that I have missed two versions. So, with no hesitate at all, I upgrade the dpkg-dev package. And after that, I once again run the dpkg-scanpackages, and the error is disappeared.

The point of this story is what should we do at the very first time when we deal with such error or unproper circumstances in the system. The very first time of course is to look at the bug reports of the distro we used. Just point the browser, or with specific command like querybts in Debian, then we will be able to dive into the bug report databases.

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